Christy Morris for Fayette County Public School Board, District 1

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NPE Action has endorsed Christy Morris for the District 1 seat on the Fayette County Public School Board. The parent of two young children in the district, Christy has demonstrated a sincere commitment to the district’s schools and all of the children they serve.

Christy is a co-founder and current Board Treasurer of Fayette Eating Education and Delivery-FEED, a non-profit that provides food to children that live in food insecure households over weekends and holidays during the school year. She is also a cub scout leader and a cross country coach.

Her opponent is a Teach for America alum who helped found Teach for America Appalachia and was appointed to the Board by a charter school friendly administration. Christy told NPE Action that she does not support TFA. “Teach for America is part of an overall plot to dismantle our public schools. Our most vulnerable children deserve teachers that have the most experience and qualifications.”

Christy has also committed to fighting the influx of charters in Fayette County and in the state. She supports a repeal of the charter school legislation, and told us that she promises to do everything in her power to block and deny any taxpayer money from going to charter schools. She also said that she will continue her fight to “elect folks who will protect the future of public education and vocally oppose all attempts to use public funds to private organizations or corporations.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to put a true public school advocate in the District 1 seat on the Fayette County Public School Board. Be sure to get to the polls on November 5 and help elect Christy Morris.