Byron Sigcho-Lopez for 25th Ward Alderman

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Byron Sigcho-Lopez has received the enthusiastic endorsement of the Network for Public Education Action.

Byron has been a teacher and researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) for the past 10 years. He is the founder of UIC Center for Literacy’s Bilingual program where he successfully advocated for more social services for immigrant and low-income families to supplement the divestment from social services at Chicago Public Schools and the city of Chicago.

As a researcher, Byron is an expert in the misappropriation of public school funding. He uncovered the financial schemes at the UNO Charter School network that resulted in federal fraud charges and the resignation of top officials, thus saving taxpayers $15 million.

He supports a moratorium on charter school expansion, and advocates for fully funding all of Chicago’s public schools. He would prioritize class sizes of 20-24 students at lower grades and adequate wrap around support services so that children have the resources they need to succeed.

When Mayor Rahm Emanuel targeted two schools in the 25th Ward for closure, Byron fought to keep those schools open and they remain open today.

Please do what you can to ensure this results-driven teacher, researcher and advocate is elected the next Alderman for the 25th Ward by voting for Byron on February 26.