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See below for an important message from our friends at SOS Arizona on the latest plot by Governor Ducey.

Arizona SOS reports….

“While the legislature scrambles to pour some much needed funds into the education bucket, they are still trying to drill holes in the bottom–for ESA voucher expansion and for School Tuition Organizations (STOs), both of which divert taxpayer dollars to private schools with little to no oversight or accountability.

Help us fight to preserve public education in Arizona! We need Arizona educators, parents, and public school supporters to FLOOD the Arizona House, Senate, and Governor’s office with phone calls over the weekend and into next week.

Please tell your legislators that we will not stand for any more voucher schemes! This includes:

Every call makes a huge difference. Be brief and respectful, use your own words, and if you leave a message, ask to be called back. Here’s what you can say:

  • Our state has already lost over a billion dollars in revenue because of STOs. Arizona can’t afford to fund two education systems, and we definitely don’t need more schemes to defund public schools.
  • Over a hundred thousand Arizonans have asked to vote on Prop 305. There is no way to “replace” or “improve” vouchers that would not be a direct insult to voters.
  • I do not support any plan that takes taxpayer dollars away from our critically underfunded public schools. We need a real investment, not more defunding schemes.


STEP 1: Find your Legislative District (LD) by plugging your address into the District Locator

STEP 2: Go to to find contact information for your State Representatives(2) and State Senator (1)

STEP 3: Make those calls!

While you’re at it, call Senate President Steve Yarbrough (602-926-5863), Speaker of the House J.D. Mesnard (602-926-4481), and Gov Doug Ducey (602-542-4331) and tell them the same.

Let’s make sure every single senator and representative comes in on Monday to find his or her voicemail FULL. And then call again on Monday and Tuesday!

Together, we can make sure our legislators fully understand our determination and our demand: no new vouchers, no STO expansion, no more holes in our leaky bucket! Thank you for supporting public education!”

And thank you, Arizonans, for all that you do.

Carol BurrisNPE Action

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