Amy Klobuchar

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Amy Klobuchar, the senior Senator from Minnesota, is the daughter of a teacher. She is a graduate of public schools and sent her daughter to public schools as well. She is a strong proponent of STEM education.


Direct Campaign Contributions  

Klobuchar for Minnesota received only one contribution from a notable education reform donor – Laurene Powell Jobs of California, likely because Klobuchar is a strong proponent of STEM education.


PACs making independent expenditures on behalf of Amy Klobuchar did not receive significant contributions from prominent education reformers.


At an “AFT Votes” event Klobuchar was asked several charter school related questions, including whether she would support the NAACP moratorium on charters or “put a halt to the privatization of public education.”

In response she stopped short of saying that she would support the moratorium or halt privatization, but she did state several times that “public schools are the mainstay of our education system” and that her record shows that she has not supported charter schools.

She said that to be considered public schools charters must have “high accountability standards” and that charter teachers must have the right to organize.


Klobuchar voted against the Washington D.C. federal voucher program.


Senator Klobuchar referred to NCLB as “an under-funded federal mandate that seems to penalize schools.


She supports annual testing, but her support is nuanced and couched in the need for “fairness.”


Senator Klobuchar, the daughter of a retired member of the American Federation of Teachers, spoke at the 2016 AFT Convention.

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