Juan Alvarez for Anaheim Elementary School Board

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NPE Action has endorsed Juan Alvarez for the Area 2 seat on the Anaheim Elementary School Board.

Juan, a teacher of 14 years, is also the parent of a child attending the Anaheim Elementary School District, which he described as a “world class district that has many challenges and a diverse population of families.” As a current parent, volunteer, and teacher in the community Juan is ready to work with all stakeholders to continue making the Anaheim Elementary School District the best option for public education.

His key priorities as a new board member include supporting low class size and engaging community and parent groups. Juan believes that the district can combat the growth of for profit charters by creating an environment in which community members turn to their local school board for help to develop programs that meet community needs from within.

Juan told NPE Action that based on input from the community, the district created a Dual Language Immersion program that now serves as a model nationwide. “We have the talent and the capacity to create any program at any school at anytime,” Juan said. “Charter schools are not needed to meet the needs of our community.”

He supports a moratorium on charter schools and believes that existing charters must be held accountable and be as financially transparent as public schools.

We urge you to vote for Juan when you head to the polls for the general election on November 6.

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