Khem Irby for District 6, Guilford County School Board

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Khem Irby has received the Network for Public Education Action’s endorsement for the District 6 seat on the Guilford County School Board in North Carolina. Khem’s background in education and advocacy makes her an ideal candidate for the board.

She currently works as an elementary after-school teacher, and serves as the Secretary for the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) Educational Support Personnel. Khem is also President of the Board of Parents Across America (PAA), a national non-profit grassroots organization that connects public school parents across the country.

Khem told NPE Action that her highest priority would be to make decisions that are student-centered, giving priority to those with the greatest need. She is committed to developing policies that will put schools on a path of ending the school-to-prison pipeline. 

Based on her own experiences as a mother, Khem supports a nation-wide moratorium on all charter schools. She said that as a former charter school parent who witnessed too many disparities in charter schools in New York City, she can not support this model of schooling. Similarly, her position on virtual learning is informed by her own experiences. From watching her own child participate in the virtual learning process, she concluded that this it is not the best option for students.

She told us that these programs “take away from the many to give to the few, therefore, I cannot support them,” adding that “we must strive to demand that every public school is a great school and choice.”

To win a seat on the Guilford County School Board, Khem must face a Democratic challenger in the primary on May 8th, and if successful, she will face a Republican challenger on November 6th. Please support Khem in her primary campaign, and ensure she gets on the general election ballot.