Tina Bojanowski for Kentucky House of Representatives, District 32

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The Network for Public Education Action has endorsed special education teacher Tina Bojanowski for the District 32 seat in Kentucky’s House of Representatives. Since 2010, Tina has been a special education teacher for Jefferson County Public Schools. She recently completed a Ph.D. in education and social change, and wants to use her knowledge and experience to ensure a high quality public education for all children.

Tina considered becoming a research professor, but realized that legislators seldomly read academic literature when making policy decisions. She decided to run for the legislature instead because having a voice on the floor and a vote will have more direct impact. She told NPE Action that her intention is to “bring the voice of a special education teacher to the floor of the state capitol to speak for public education.”

Tina’s positions on public education are in line with NPE Action. She is against high-stakes standardized testing as a way to evaluate teachers or measure student achievement. She supports sufficiently funding schools. She wants to ensure that education is a desirable profession both financially (living wages, pensions, and benefits) and professionally (treating educators as professionals).

She is strongly against the use of vouchers and tax credits to fund private or parochial schools with public funds. She also supports legislation that would repeal the 2017 charter school law passed in Kentucky. Until the law is repealed, Tina said she “would require charter schools (and the companies that manage the charter schools) to be completely transparent regarding the spending of public money.” She is also against virtual and/or online charter schools.

Tina understands that when privatization schemes like charter and vouchers divert funds away from public education, it is the most vulnerable students that are the most severely impacted.

Tina does not have a challenger in the primary election, but needs your support for the general election on November 6, 2018. Please do everything you can to help Tina bring her knowledge and experience to Frankfort to ensure a high quality public education for all children.