Urgent Kentucky Action Alert

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Have you heard that a charter bill, House Bill 520, flew through the Kentucky House on Friday? The bill was passed by a vote of 56-39 and it has the support of Governor Matt Bevin – the only chance to stop it is in the Senate!

We’ve created a letter writing campaign you can use to send a letter to your Senator – just click here.

HB 520 contains numerous provisions that have shown to be damaging to public education in other states.

The bill allows charters to contract with for-profit Educational Management Organizations (EMOs). EMOs will be able to design and implement the curriculum and manage charters – all for profit. For-profit charters have been disastrous for students and communities in other states. In Michigan, home of Education Secretary and school choice advocate Betsy DeVos, 80% of charters operate for-profit, and charters are overwhelmingly represented in the lowest performing 5% of schools in the state.

The bill also places no cap on the number of charters that can open in Kentucky. With unlimited potential for growth, for-profit charters will be able to quickly grow and expand, with limited accountability and oversight.

As currently drafted, the bill fails to mandate that teachers in charter schools are certified, and it also fails to stipulate how charters will be funded, who will fund them, and how much funding they will receive.

You can read more about HB 520 here and here.

Tell your senator to vote no when this flawed, rushed bill moves to the Senate.

Phone calls are also crucial. Please take a few minutes to call your senator and tell him/her that Kentucky doesn’t need charter schools. Click here to find your senator’s phone number.

Thanks for all you do,

Carol Burris

Executive Director, NPE Action