Kathy Zoucha for Indiana State Senate, District 15

Kathy Zoucha has received the endorsement of the Network for Public Education Action in her bid for the District 15 seat in the Indiana State Senate.

Kathy has identified a problem that she intends to fix – there are no K12 educators in the Indiana State Senate. Kathy is a certified special education teacher with seven years of experience in the classroom, and an active member of her local union.

She lobbies for public education in Indianapolis and before the Indiana State Board of Education on issues such as graduation pathways, and attends events sponsored by the public education advocacy group, Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education (NEIFPE).

Kathy told us that Indiana public schools are not receiving enough funding to provide necessary services for Indiana’s children. She is opposed to any form of vouchers that drain money from Indiana’s public school system, and cited a University of Notre Dame study that showed children who remain in public schools outperform those who leave public schools for private schools for several years.

She believes that teachers are the most effective judges of student achievement, and that Indiana’s public schools need less testing. Kathy would invest the money spent of standardized testing back into the schools.

Please help put this special educator into the Indiana State Senate by casting your vote for her on November 6th.

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