NPE Action Endorses Larry Proffitt for the Tennessee House

The Network for Public Education Action is proud to endorse long-time education activist and teacher Larry Proffitt for the Tennessee House, District 66.

Here is why Larry is campaigning for the seat:​

​”I’m running to try to stem the tide against the toxic testing that allows for the privatization argument in my state. I’ve given up 10 years of snow days visiting the legislature to oppose the charter and voucher legislation in Tennessee.
My opponent has taken DeVos, Koch, and Tennesseans For Student Learning First (former Students 1st). He supports the state charter authorizer that may overrule our local school board’s denial of a charter on whose board his daughter sits and is under investigation in Nashville.
It is time teachers took the lead in policy instead of just complaining. I will not sit back and let others form policy about my students and peers without a fight!”

We urge you to vote on November 6 for Larry Proffitt, teacher, Tennessee BAT, and candidate for TN House District 66.

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