NPE Action Endorses Gay Adelmann for Kentucky Senate

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The Network for Public Education Action proudly endorses Gay Adelmann for the District 36 seat in the Kentucky Senate. Gay is a staunch supporter of public education and a leader in the fight against privatization in the state.

She is the co-founder/president of Dear JCPS, a stakeholder advocacy group in Jefferson County, and the co-founder/president of Save Our Schools KY, a statewide public education advocacy group. Her body of work as an advocate should be all the evidence voters need to believe her campaign promise to “fight to end corruption and protect public schools, healthcare, pensions, and workers’ rights.”

The citizens of Kentucky are becoming highly aware of the threats to public education, posed by charter schools and voucher legislation, and Gay has been at the forefront of that awakening. She understands that basing a teacher’s evaluation on test scores “leads to high turnover, gaming of the system and demoralizing of some of our hardest working teachers who are truly called to serve.”

She told us that “the idea that the money should follow the child is one of the greatest fallacies of this entire movement. As a taxpayer, I do not want my tax dollars to be used to pay for a child’s charter school or private school education. I want them to remain in my community schools for the schools to determine the best ways to utilize those funds to serve all students in our community.”

Gay is also keenly aware that Kentucky is facing a budget and pension crisis, and that the Governor is looking to solve that crisis “on the backs of teachers and students.”

No one is better prepared to tackle the current threats to public education in Kentucky than Gay. Please do everything you can to support her in the primary election on May 22nd.

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