Denise Cole for Newark Board of Education

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Denise Cole has received the endorsement of the Network for Public Education Action for a seat on the Newark, New Jersey Board of Education.

Denise is a dedicated public education advocate, with a strong history of working with national, state and local organizations like Journey for Justice, The Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, PULSE (Parents United for Local School Education), Parents Educating Parents, and Communities United. Her years as an advocate will help her amplify the voice of the voters and community so that they can collectively take part in decisions that will directly impact their lives.

She supports the NAACP’s Resolution on a Moratorium on Charter Schools, and believes that “charter schools should be required to be totally transparent with the public on the spending of taxpayer money.” With almost $250 million dollars diverted to charter schools from the Newark Public School budget, such transparency is crucial.

Denise told us that taxpayer dollars should go “directly into the classroom for teacher and student success,” and that this is best achieved “by incorporating wraparound services that are sustainable.” Denise invites parents to work to support changes in the traditional public schools that they seek in charter and private schools. She said, “We must become the change we want for our children and community.”

We ask you to support Denise Cole’s candidacy for the Newark Board of Education on April 17th.

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