NPE Action Endorses Debra Rodman for the Virginia House of Delegates

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NPE Action is pleased to endorse Debra Rodman for Virginia House of Delegates District   73.    Rodman is a 13 year veteran educator and social scientist at Randolf-Macon College.

Rodman is a strong believer in public education, and she believes it is time for Virginia to fully fund its public schools.

She understands that the emphasis on testing has impacted students’ ability to think critically. Rodman told us, “As a college professor, I see students every day who have been taught to a test and not to prepare them for life. I would like to de-emphasize standardized testing broadly, and I oppose it’s use in teacher evaluation. We should measure success by looking at student growth, much of which is qualitative. We know that standardized testing reflects many factors that are beyond a teacher’s control, and we should not tie such poor measures to the success or pay of a teacher.”

Rodman believes that there should be full transparency in charter schools. She has never advocated for charters and believes that they should only exist when authorized by the district and be under complete district control. She told us, “I want to ensure that the only way charters are brought into a community is with the permission and strict oversight of a local elected school board. The school board for Henrico, where my district is located, opposes charter funding and the efforts being made to circumvent their authority. I stand with them.”

Please support Debra’s campaign between now and election day, and do whatever you can to get your friends and neighbors to the polls on November 7th to vote for her.

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Thank you for all that you do.

Carol Burris

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