California Alert: Vote in LAUSD runoff for Zimmer and Padilla

I want you to read what Bernie Sanders had to say about the Los Angeles School Board race:

Billionaires should not make a profit off of public school children,” said Democratic senator Bernie Sanders in a statement earlier this month. “That’s why I’m supporting Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla for the Los Angeles School Board. They will fight against the Trump/DeVos agenda to destabilize and undermine public schools.”


We at NPE Action agree. That is why we are strongly supporting Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla.

Steve’s and Imelda’s opponents are backed by billionaires inside and outside of the state. Their opponents oppose charter accountability and transparency. They are aligned with the billionaire Trump/DeVos agenda, which is to privatize public schools.

If you live in LAUSD District 4 vote on Tuesday for Steve Zimmer.

If you live in LAUSD District 6 vote on Tuesday for Imelda Padilla.

If you do not live in those districts, get on the phone and remind your friends and relatives who do to come out and vote.

Will you push back the billionaires who want to destroy true public schools, or will you let them buy the LAUSD school board?

Californians, it is up to you.

Carol Burris

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